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Are you a professional barber or a student barber who has what it takes to battle other barbers for a grand prize while doing what you love? 

Perhaps what you’re interested in is a blueprint that can take your barber brand to the next level. Whichever category you fall into, we’ve got awesome news that could make your day.

Clebarbers a reputable home-based barber brand here in Cleveland will be holding an amazing Cleveland Barber Battle event in June 13.

Yeah, you heard that right. The Cleveland barber event is for all barbers, whether male or female. No one is left out on the fun, and there are decent take-home prizes to be won.

Being the first of its kind barber event in Cleveland, the event will be in 5 different categories.

  • Student battles
  • Fastest fade
  • Traditional haircuts 
  • Freestyle
  • Tagteam  

Like in every other competition, there are rules which every participant will have to follow not to be disqualified. 

All participants in the contest will have to come with their power block and ring light. A panel on each category will judge sanitation, handling and maintaining of your tools.

There will be a Tag Team contest. Here, two barbers will need to complete a creative haircut within a time frame of 60 minutes. Both barbers will be required to be working on the haircut simultaneously, with equal amount of work done by both barbers on their model. The grand prize for this category is two first-place trophies with $500. The admission fee into this category is just $120.

Another category is the Freestyle barber contest, where each barber will be required to complete a freestyle haircut on their model in 45 minutes. 

Just like the tag team contest, there will be no pre-design or pre-cut. The barber who comes out first place in the freestyle contest goes home with a trophy, $500 and many gifts. You can get a spot in this category – the admission fee is just $120.

Moving on is the Fastest fade contest. Here each barber will have to complete a skin fade of at least ¼ inch in 15 minutes.   The winner in this category walks home with a trophy and$500. The ticket fee for the fastest fade contest is $120.  

The Cleveland Barber event is also opened for student barbers enrolled in a barber school or cosmetology. In this category, each student will have 45 minutes to complete a skin fade. The price up for claim for first place is $300 and a trophy gift. 

Yeah, I know you’re probably thinking, are there no contest for the ladies? Yeah, ladies’ barbers are not let out because the event features a traditional haircut contest category for ladies. The ticket admission into this category is $120.  

The Cleveland Barber event is more than just a contest or for entertainment. It also provides an excellent platform where you can learn tips to upscale your barbershop brand to a whole new level with 3 class seminar.

You get to learn everything about the profession, including how you can outshine your competitors and build your brand business-wise with Chris Bossio.

What’s more? You learn everything you need to know about cuts with a top pro in the person of Drew da barber.

The third class seminar is with Papi Blenz, who will be walking you through all you need to know about color, which will help increase your barbering skillset. All three seminars cost just $120, which is awesome. 

But, if you’ll like to participant in a specific seminar class, then you’ll have to pay $60 per class.

Small and local business can take advantage of the event as it offers set-up spaces for vendors for just $150.

General admission into the Cleveland Barding event is $30, and there are VIP tables also available per 6 persons for $300.  

If you would love to be a part of this thrilling event as a professional barber, student barber or guest, you can easily contact us for admission in the event. 

See you there June13!

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